Where are the Looney Tunes?

Growing up in the nineties I had constant exposure to the Looney Tunes. They were everywhere. TV, clothing, toys, etc... At the time, I never knew that the the shorts were made well before I was born. Some over fifty-five years. I didn't realize this because they still held up. So my question is where are they today?

Occasionally, I'll see Bugs or Daffy on a birthday card but not much else. They have completely vanished from television altogether. It makes me sad to think a generation, that is a bit younger than I am, will have grown up with out what seemed like a childhood staple for so many generations before me. The only way they are available now is...well...the internet or the box set Dvds that run for close to sixty dollars each.

Yeras ago they were so popular we even got successful spin off series like Tiny Toons and Animaniacs. But, now nothing. I hope in the future they will return to television so we don't end up living in a world that doesn't remember Bugs Bunny.



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