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TMNT Legos announced at NYCC and S.H. Figuarts of the original Power Rangers this is so cool. -DM

Wagashi in New York

One thing that brings me great joy is to learn about different cultures and customs. One culture that I am particularly interested in is Japanese. It probably comes from my childhood, growing up in the 90s there were a lot of shows that had Japanese influences. One show that I will always be a die hard fan of, Ninja Turtles, had influenced not only my interest in animation and storytelling as a child but also Japanese culture since their backstory has roots in Japan. About ten months ago I found out that we got this channel called NHK World. It airs programs focused on Japanese culture. It has become my latest obsession and I love it!!! One program featured a Japanese confectionary called "Wagashi" This treat is not only visually stimulating but also displays the delicate artistry that goes into hand crafting each one. Thinking I'd never get a chance to try Wagashi because a trip to Japan was not in the foreseeable future, I just assumed this was out of my reach. How…
Some Dog Studies. -DM

Rankin/Bass Collection with some Peanuts

Over the past few years I have been collecting the figures from the classic Rankin/Bass Christmas Specials. I really like how Memory Lane made some characters I wouldn't have expected them to make like the cowboy riding an ostridge. Here are some pictures of my set up this year.