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Random Thoughts

I picked up volume one of Ninja Turtles The Next Mutation a few days ago. I didn't care for this show when it aired back in 1997 because the turtles were so different from what I was used. I didn't like it very much when my favorite characters were changed as a kid. That is why I had a hard time getting into Batman Beyond. Bruce was older and not Batman anymore. As I got older, I really loved that show and am enjoying the next mutation as well. As a die hard Ninja Turtle fan I have enjoyed every incarnation of them. Surprisingly, I am really into the new CGI series on Nick. It feels like a nice blend of the '87 and '03 series. As for the new movie currently being filmed in New York, I have my doubts. Michael Bay being attached to it in any way is disappointing and Megan Fox as April is just a joke. I would have loved to see Amy Adams as April. The other day, I watched the episode "Grudge Match" from the 2003 series. It is one of my favorites from that series…