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I picked up volume one of Ninja Turtles The Next Mutation a few days ago. I didn't care for this show when it aired back in 1997 because the turtles were so different from what I was used. I didn't like it very much when my favorite characters were changed as a kid. That is why I had a hard time getting into Batman Beyond. Bruce was older and not Batman anymore. As I got older, I really loved that show and am enjoying the next mutation as well. As a die hard Ninja Turtle fan I have enjoyed every incarnation of them. Surprisingly, I am really into the new CGI series on Nick. It feels like a nice blend of the '87 and '03 series. As for the new movie currently being filmed in New York, I have my doubts. Michael Bay being attached to it in any way is disappointing and Megan Fox as April is just a joke. I would have loved to see Amy Adams as April. The other day, I watched the episode "Grudge Match" from the 2003 series. It is one of my favorites from that series for several reasons including the fact that it spotlights my favorite turtle Mikey. The episode shows the depths of his character. Some times Mikey gets played off as a slapstick idiot. I've always seen him as a more laid back, easy going and fun loving guy. The episode continues the nice ark with Leonardo. We see him still carrying the burdens from his battle with the Shredder. The anniversary of Power Rangers is coming up this year and new pictures have come out from the filming of the American version of the legend war. It is really cool to see some of my favorite rangers back like Tommy, Leo and Wes. I finished watching Go-Busters last night and thought it was a good season. Gokaiger is still my favorite but I think Go-Busters was an underrated season because it had the daunting task of following Gokaiger.


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