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Another great film from Hayao Miyazaki! 
(Possible Spoiler Alert)
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing the latest film from Studio Ghibli. Ponyo was creative, imaginative, and visually stunning. As with all of Miyazaki's films the layouts were amazing. I particularly loved the house on the cliff that Sosuke lived in. One of my favorite things was to watch how they animated Sosuke. The detail that really made him feel like a little kid. I especially like the shot were he has to duck under what appears to be a bamboo fence to get to his school. All of the work with the ocean was beautiful, it made my hand hurt just thinking of animating all of those waves and tiny bubbles. One of the most breath taking scenes was when Ponyo was running on giant fish that were like ocean waves to catch Sosuke.
As an animator with a preference to create hand drawn animation, this was most exciting for me to see. I can't remember the last time I went to the theater to see a hand drawn animated film…
A few days ago I was at the local mall, the one I have been going to all my life, and on that day I heard the sound of a train coming form inside the building. As it turns out the mall added a train that rides kids around the center area just below the food court. Not the most exciting news but it was different for the mall so I thought I'd post it.  Here is a video of what it looked like. 

Walt and El Grupo

Hey everyone, check out this trailer for the upcoming Walt Disney Documentary. If it is not playing in your area call up your local theater and ask them to play it.