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Ninja Turtles test part 2

This was the first test I did for the turtle documentary. The guy wanted something asap so I animated this, inked it and colored it all in one night. Since he wanted something quick I had to do a short action just to give them some eye candy so to speak. The action doesn't really fit the turtles that we are used to its more of a Looney Tunes style movement. I had remembered a few weeks earlier in my animation class we were covering zips so it was fresh in my mind as a fast action to do in a short period of time. When the cloud of smoke dissipates something is suppose to be left behind to replace the space where the character's body was. In an old Looney Tunes short there is a Bull who leaves behind horse shoes or a witch that leaves behind bobby pins. For my class assignment it was a bird who left behind feathers. For Mikey I chose pizza slices. It doesn't really make sense but at the time I could not think of much else to leave behind. I guess I could have tried throwing …

Ninja Turtle Pencil test

While in New York two years ago I met a filmmaker from Canada who was making a Ninja Turtle fan documentary. We got to taking and he wanted me to do some animation to jazz up the film. The result were a few quick tests that he wanted done practically over night. In the end the film was put on hold for who knows why or when. The last test posted above was asked of me to be done in the style of Kevin Eastman from the old comics. After grabbing some reference the above test was done in just a few days.