Harry Potter and Exciting Animation News!

Today I went to see the latest Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. (POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT) It was absolutely amazing. I have just started to read the books, so I do not know how closely it follows the source material. In any case it was a great film and as with the fifth installment one of my favorite characters was Luna Lovegood, played so wonderfully by Evanna Lynch. I really enjoyed how this film focused on each of the main character's growth as they all dealt with new relationships and others that have been brewing for quite awhile. It was truly a magical experience. ( And my traditional movie combination of raisinets and popcorn didn't disappoint either :))  

When I first entered the theater, something drew my attention right away. It was a banner for the upcoming American release of Hayao Miyazaki's film "Ponyo". This came as shock. I thought with it being a limited release of sorts that I would have to travel some distance to find a theater that was playing it. But, it is coming right to my home town theater. What a happy surprise.

Another piece of  exciting animation news, if you weren't able to go to New York and see "The Secret of Kells" this weekend fear not because it will be getting a wider US release closer to Christmas.


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